National Information Technology Agency


Our Vision

A regulator that encourages transparency, promotes fairness, innovation, competition and protects stakeholders within the IT ecosystem.


NITA exists to create an enabling environment for the effective deployment and use of ICT by all sectors through the implementations of sound policies and regulatory framework.

GOV.GH Domain Registration

National information Technology (NITA) is the Authoritative Registrar for .GOV.GH Domain space

Enabling Environment

Capacity-building and operational support to Ministry of Communications (MoC) for the overall coordination, implementation, financial management, procurement, monitoring, reporting, evaluation and communication of Project activities.

Support to Local ICT Businesses and ITES in Ghana

Establishment o f a linkage program between educational institutions and ICT businesses, including the provision o f Matching Grants to eligible educational institutions, for the purpose of reflecting business and operational experience into the ICT/ITES training curricula.

E-Government Applications and Government Communications

Development of IT Architecture and interoperability standards for government applications and networks.

Carrying out of specialized ICT training for chief information officers and technical staff of key MDAs, and for legislators and magistrates.

Data Centre

The Data Centre facility is a crucial feature of the e-government communication infrastructure network. This is because the entire government network will be served with eGovernment applications from this facility, and all the critical equipment and applications will be housed in the data centre as well.
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